Kick Your Shampoo Addiction

Kick Your Shampoo Addiction

We’re about to change the way you shampoo. Since the beginning of time, commercials, moms, and society in general have drilled into us the importance of shampooing – constantly. But what if we told you that over-cleansing can create more problems than it solves? Here, we’re giving you a few shampoo tricks to help upgrade your hair game – whether you have oily or dry hair.

Maybe your hair is only kinda dry, or it’s just dehydrated on the ends. In that case, shampoo two or three times a week with an oil-infused cleanser – it’ll provide the lightweight moisture your hair needs.

If your hair is chronically dry (no matter what you do), you should wash even less, and alternate your normal shampoo with a low-foaming cleanser. They’re super gentle, and don’t strip away the natural oils that dry hair needs. For a mid-week moisture boost between shampoos, co-wash with a conditioner instead.

Chances are, you’re probably shampooing daily (obsessively, even). But, the idea that oily hair equals dirty hair – and should be washed constantly – is a misconception. The truth is, excess oil is often a sign that hair lacks moisture. Shampoo dries out the scalp, which then creates more oil to keep itself hydrated. So, try cleansing every other day – and pick a shampoo with mild moisture.

Another trick: brush more.

Brushing gets rid of product buildup, and redistributes natural oils from the roots to dry ends.


Cutting back on how often you shampoo might feel weird at first, but within two weeks your hair will (happily) adjust to the new routine. So, now that you’re armed with this myth-busting, mind-blowing info, try switching things up. Your hair will never be the same.

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